Atlas Games

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About Project Atlas

Built by gamers, for gamers.

We are gamers who turned into developers to fix the annoyances in contemporary games. Our objectives are strict and precise. We want to turn the industry upside-down, and build a better experience for everyone.

  • Robust Performance

    We are working with the best developers to ensure the smoothest game experience ever with almost 0 bugs and the best hit-registration system ever made.

  • Cross Platform

    As gamers ourselves, we know how hard it is to gather all of your friends on one platform, we want to remove the borderline and open the horizon.

  • Layered Protection

    We take cheating and smurfing very seriously. We know how unfair and frustrating it is playing against cheaters and smurfs, and we are taking appropriate, 0-tolerance measures to ensure the prosperity of multiplayer and fairness in our games.

  • Optimized Graphics

    With performance in mind, we are tweaking the graphics to outstanding levels to ensure even the lowest-end systems can perform at least 80 FPS without making the graphics pixelated or ugly at all.

Beta Registration

How it works?

Below you can observe the beta registration process for each applicant. The method may differ from case to case.

Request beta

For the process to work, make a forum profile first, then, fill out the form below stating in the “Message” box the reason you want access to the beta, past beta-testing experience, discord username, and forum username, this is imperative.

Please, in the “Name/Username” box, write your first name and username you want to have in the beta program. Here is an example format: Navruc/Hadock. No strange characters allowed!

how it works image

Analyzing Request

Our team will be analyzing your request and running their checks. The process usually takes between 8-24 hours. In the meantime, watch some kittens.

how it works image

Join the Forum

After the entire process has finished, you will receive an email stating the status of your request.

In the case of an approval, you will have a new rank on the forum marked as “Beta Tester.” After that, you will have access to direct contact with the developers, where you will be needed to provide precise system specifications and your DxDiag file. [Check here how to get your DxDiag file]

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Our Team

Meet The Team

Here are the developers we are working with to bring you the finest gaming experience ever.

Registration For Beta

Available for Windows

When the beta launches, you will be able to download the client from below. Do you want to play the game early? Register now and get the "Beta" badge!

Contact us

Get In Touch

Are you having problems getting our products to work? Any improvements you want to propose? Want to request beta access? No problem! Just contact the team using the form below!